Adjust search results using “Search options”

You can adjust a few of the features that determine how StringNet Navigator selects the patterns shown in query results. Click on “Search options” just next to the query box. It shows three search features that can be adjusted:

(1) Chunk length:¬†The length of the chunks (i.e., patterns) shown in the search results. The default ranges “from 2 to 6“¬†grams in length. Changing that to, for example, “from 3 to 3″ for a query means the search results would include only patterns that are exactly 3-grams long (e.g., time after time; bide [pos pn] time; change over time; second time around; repeat [num] times…)

(2) Minimum frequency of chunks shown: The minimum number of tokens of a chunk (i.e.,pattern) attested in BNC. The default is frequency of 5. By changing this number upward, say to 20 or 50 or 250, a user is asking that patterns with fewer tokens than that (fewer than 2o or 50 or 250) be excluded from the query results.

(3) Hits per page: The number of patterns listed on a single page (default 30).

Feel free to play with these (especially the first two) to see how different settings might help bring you closer to the sorts of patterning you are interested in.


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